Wize and Ope - Bio

About wize&ope

2008 The W&O adventure is born from Victor Louzon’s desire to tell the story of Wize, an alien living in a uniform world exploring the Earth, fascinated by its multiculturalism. Wize turns into Ope for “Open minded” in order to assimilate what he sees, to blend into the landscape.

2009 Declination of the character of Wize & Ope throughout his travels in space and time.

2010 W&O enters the watch market where these fictional characters shake up the standardized and fairly traditional world of watchmaking.

2011 The W&O watches flood the Asian market.

2012 Clever marketing Hack at Baselworld, the most important event dedicated to watchmaking and jewelry in the world. Video

2013 In January, the founders of W&O manage to send a watch to Lil Wayne. The rapper is immediately seduced by the design and history of this French brand. Like many artists in the music industry, Lil Wayne, following the example of Dr.Dre and his company Beatsbydre, seeks to associate with the world of tech.
In parallel W&O receives a buyout offer from Hong Kong but the prospect of a possible association with the rapper prompts W&O to decline the offer.
In May 2013 Victor Louzon finally meets Lil Wayne. Video and on October 13 Lil Wayne closes with W&O, becoming the brand ambassador.

2014 Lil Wayne formalizes his participation in the W&O adventure during NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans. In March, the W&O team follows Drake and Lil Wayne’s tour, further establishing their brand in the U.S. Video

2015 Creation of the first W&O sneaker. Global success.

2016 Makes it to final list of the Business France Award (BPI France), W&O is chosen to be part of the French delegation to the SouthXSouthWest technology conference in Austin Texas, and Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show. At that time the brand is already established in more than 25 countries.
Design of connected shoes. A new step in tech.

2017 Presentation of the XRun sneaker in January at the CES in Las Vegas.
During the Paris Fashion Week, W&O organizes an evening bringing together all the big celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, ASAP FERG, Kendall J, … … This major event is a huge spotlight on the brand. More and more publicized W&O is then approached by Irish investors ready to develop all kinds of prototypes, but dropped by their biggest client “Toy’s R Us” they are forced to backtrack and have to give up their projects with the French brand.

2018-2020 The brand is then forced to take a break. But keeps the dream alive… preparing the return.

2021 The emergence of the crypto art market opens up new perspectives for W&O.