Wize & Ope was created on Earth, in Paris, in 2008.


Wize comes from a planet far away. His planet is a million miles away from earth. Wize was able to get the Earth TV signal from his own universe, and became a fan of culture. One day, he decided to come to Earth to study our history and culture. His plan is to go back home one day, full of stories, inspirations, and stories. This is why people on Earth are a great source of inspiration for him.. This will help him change his world.

When he meets new people, he transforms, adapt and becomes «Ope». «Ope» for Open Minded.

Wize & Ope supports “made on earth” and “open your mind” philosophies.

Lil Wayne had been following the brand from day one. He announced recently that he was a wize&ope ambassador as well as one of the major shareholder of the company.

“My personal style, as well as my everyday lifestyle, has always been about individuality and being open minded”.
– Lil Wayne
A lot of artists are behind the brand, but also a lot of fans and followers that are making the wize&ope family real. We thank them.

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