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What is a Crypto wize&ope ?

The emergence of the crypto-art market has opened up new perspectives for many, and W&O is happy to be part of this new artistic adventure. Digital artworks, NFT, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain, will drop several times a month, allowing collectors over the world to own an episode of Wize’s epic journey, a moment of his travels in space and time.
Season 1, drops of wize&ope characters and artwoks will be limited to 100 wize&ope characters, and starting edited by editions going from 50 to 100. The number of edits will be announced at each mints we will perform.

Who is wize&ope ?

The wize&ope adventure is born from Victor Louzon’s, desire to tell the story of Wize, an teenager alien from another galaxy. Living in a uniform world, and deciding on a day to go explore Earth, fascinated by its history and multiculturalism. Wize turns into Ope for Open minded in order to assimilate what he sees, and blend into the landscape.

What exactly is going on here ?

To collect these artworks, you have to understand a few technical aspects:
• To buy and sell digital artwork you need to hold some cryptocurrency, a successor to Bitcoin, called Ethereum.
• You need a Wallet to buy and hold these Ethereum.
• These artworks, also called NFT for Non fungible tokens, and are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I collect a Wize&ope NFT ?

There are different ways to collect these W&O digital artworks:

• If you are used to collect NFT and that you already have your wallet, you can directly buy on OpenSea.

• If you are new to all this you can:

• Follow our guide (cf link) to create your own wallet and link it to OpenSea to receive your digital artwork

How do i get a WIZE ?

Getting Started

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